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141 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health | Nancy Appleton Books Health Blog



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Autumn in South Australia

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve started a 12 week fitness challenge and for a while there it took all my energy up! I’m starting to feel fantastic though so I know it will be worth it. Stay tuned for my progress on that.
Over the weekend my husband and I went for a drive to Goolwa, Port Elliot and Victor Harbour. The weather was stunning and we were treated with a beautiful sunset on the rocks at Port Elliot looking back over the bay. We relaxed so much that Monday morning came so quick it was hard to get back in to it at work!
While the weather is still beautiful go for a drive to our southern coast or check out the autumn leaves in the ADL hills. You’ll be inspired I promise.





Last Sunday I had an opportunity to experience the Handorf Creek Health Spa (listed on my ‘Take Me Away’ page). From the minute I pulled off the main road and in to the driveway I felt as if I was visiting a friend. The long driveway will take you up to this hidden treasure and there you will be greeted by Marianne who is the founder of the health spa. It is a charming house set in the Adelaide Hills with views that are sure to help you relax the instant you step out of the car.

On arrival you will be greeted with an Alkaline friendly glass of water/tea or coffee while you fill in some details to assist with your treatment. I found myself deep in conversation with Marianne and was pleasantly surprised by how much knowledge she has on health and wellbeing.  She has a heart of gold and truly desires to see us Adelaide locals reach our full potential.

As I went with my sister in law, she was able to enjoy an Infrared sauna and warm spa while she waited for me to have the first treatment. When I was finished we swapped and I was able to enjoy the relaxing spa and sauna at my leisure. When I was finished with that, there was a room with cheese and crackers, tea/coffee, books, Television/movies and a comfy couch. You get the whole place to yourself while your there (if you book with another person). It was so lovely being able to relax after my treatment in a spa bath, reading a magazine, drinking tea and looking at the view of the Adelaide hills.

I recently went to a popular South Australian beauty parlour for a massage and facial treatment, the facial was nice but the massage was quite dissatisfying. For almost double the price I walked out with a rash on my back because the beautician had dry scaly hands and little experience. The service, treatment and experience I had at The Handorf Creek Health Spa is incomparable to that of other popular highly priced  treatment spas.  The Handorf Creek Health Spa is affordable luxury and I guarantee you will feel relaxed!

I urge you all to give it a try, Marianne will look after you!

For some time there has been much discussion on the benefits of smoothies and what is the best technique/machinery to create them. Some people like to blend protein powder, water and fruit, while others prefer the soothing effect and nutrients that come from greens pressed through a juicer. So what is better? As I always say on this blog – you need to find what is best for you and your body. If you don’t enjoy thick smoothies or protein powder, then maybe a juicer is more your style or both!

Juicing – This method extracts the water and nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables and leaves the fiber out making the nutrients easier to digest. Drinking just the juice/nutrients of fresh produce means our digestive systems don’t need to work as hard to break down the food, meaning we get a huge HIT of nutrients into our systems without much work! Another bonus is that you can fit more fruits and vegetables into the juicer so you can absorb a much larger quantity of nutrients than if you were to eat them all as whole foods.  Juicing is promoted as a fantastic way to get nutrients for those battling autoimmune disease or Cancer. When these patients go through treatment they often lose their appetite or are in much discomfort and should try to boost the immune system. By drinking green juice (see below link on 30 Green juice recipes) you are filling your body with much needed nutrients that come from a large quantity of greens. Be careful not to juice too much fruit at once as this will cause an Insulin spike and your body will not love you for filling it with all the sugar from the fruit. It is best to share each juice with vegetables and no more than 2 fruits to keep the sugar content low. I also recommend a Cold Pressed juicer which retains more nutrients than a standard juicer. Do your research! Cold pressed juicers can be expensive but you are investing in your health. I managed to find a fairly good Cold pressed Juicer at Big W stores for $198 the ‘Vitality BioChef Slow Juicer’. Just remember you get what you pay for but this is a great starting point.

Blender – The blending process creates smoothies which contains the whole fruit and vegetable. Unlike Juicers which extract the water and nutrients from food, blenders include everything. The benefit being that you get the fiber and nutrients in one glass but can still drink it easily. Smoothies tend to be thicker, fill you up more than a juice and you have more variety in what you can put in them, for example protein powder, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, tahini, honey, ice or different types of milk! Try to avoid including starchy vegetables such as carrot, beetroot or broccoli – as they are best eaten alone and avoid adding too much fruit (see below link for smoothie ideas such as Pumpkin Pie Smoothie!) . When looking for a good blender it is wise to invest in an Industrial strength one, unfortunately they are more expensive but it will also expand your world to healthier cooking and recipes. My two favourites are the Ninja Kitchen $500 – $600 or Thermomix $2000 but there are other cost effective options out there. Once again – Do your research!   Continue reading

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Eating Seasonal food – why?

Hi all,

About a year ago someone introduced me to the idea of eating ‘Seasonal’, initially I thought how weird the concept is. I mean isn’t what the supermarkets sell seasonal? Well to find out more, please go to my page on Seasons. If we buy food that is in season then it should be fresh and local which maximises the nutrients you want from your food.

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Hot Weather!


Hi everyone,

I hope you are staying cool in this very hot heat wave! 46 Degrees today!

So for those of us that are trying to avoid going to the gym or for a walk – I have another idea for you… Go swimming at the beach or at your local pool. It’s a perfect way to stay cool and get a bit of fitness in. I’ll be going down with my Labrador Dog ‘Ruby’ to Brighton beach. Maybe i’ll see you there!

Hayley Ragless